Youth Connections


Daniela Passante was a Youth Connections client linked to DISCO’s Roma office. Here is a brief overview of her story:


“The Youth Connections Program has been an invaluable asset to my education and self-confidence. It enabled me to receive the support I needed in order to graduate from school and without this support, I doubt I would have experienced the same amount of success or even taken the leap to finish school in the first place. Because I chose to complete my final years via distance education, being in contact with the amazing people at DISCO was especially helpful for me. It meant that I was able to sit my exams in a comfortable environment and had the encouragement and guidance of people who felt more like friends than anything else. As a result of the services I received from the Youth Connections Program, I was able to finish school with an OP equivalent of 10 and begin my journey at university, which is something I never thought I’d get to do! I am now enrolled in a Bachelor of Human Services at USQ and am setting my sights on becoming a Youth Worker, a decision that was largely inspired by my great experience with the DISCO organisation. In 2010, I wandered into the Roma office of Leisa Finch as a scared sixteen-year-old girl with big dreams of finishing school and becoming something more. Because of her support under the Youth Connections Program, I am proud to say that my dreams have become a reality and the incredible team at DISCO made it all possible.”

– Daniela Passante


DISCO - Daniela & Leisa

Daniela with DISCO’s Leisa Finch