The DISCO Management Committee and the CEO recently made an important announcement related to the establishment of a new role within the DISCO organisation.

CEO Mike Paton commented:

“It gives me and the Management Committee great pleasure in announcing the appointment of Ms Kymberley Baills as the organisations new Operations Manager with the position effective from the 7th of May 2018.

Kym has worked across multiple sites during her employment developing an extensive knowledge of our programs and services. Kym commenced with DISCO in 2010 as a Youth Support Officer before becoming a Youth Support Coordinator. Her performance continued to impress and ultimately she was promoted to the James Street Site Manager role in 2014 before commencing in her current role in 2016 as the Snell St Site Manager and Transition to Work (TtW)Manager.

Whilst working and concentrating on her own career, Kym developed a strong internal profile as well as building positive external relationships with government representatives and external stakeholders. All of you who know Kym recognise her as a people person who is passionate about DISCO and her significant contribution since joining the organisation has positively impacted the business in many ways.

I know Kym will continue to grow and contribute to the ongoing success of the organisation in the future”

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